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Brief History


China’s Children Fund (CCF) was established in Richmond, Virginia, USA, by Christians in the States.


CCF Hong Kong Branch Office set up its first family-style orphanage in Taiwan, later took over by Ta-Tung Children’s Home.


China’s Children Fund expanded its services to needy children in 60 countries and thus changed its name to Christian Children’s Fund, Inc. (CCF).


CCF Taiwan Field Office was formally established and 23 Family Helper Projects (now Branch Offices) were set up one by one to provide services to children and families in Taiwan. The realm of services was even expanded to Penghu, Kinmen and Matsu islands.


The name was changed to Chinese Children’s Fund (CCF/Taiwan).


CCF/Taiwan became fully independent from Christian Children’s Fund, Inc. and no longer received financial support from foreign donors.


Foreign Children Sponsorship Program launched in Taiwan. Children from Asia, America, and Africa were sponsored. Child Protection Program was firstly promulgated and provided in Taiwan by CCF/Taiwan.


World Alliance of Christian Children’s Funds founding ceremony hosted by CCF/Taiwan (later TFCF) was held in Taiwan and we were a member right from the beginning.


CCF/Taiwan was registered as a nationwide non-profit organization under the supervision of Ministry of the Interior of the Republic of China, Taiwan.


Changed the name to Chinese Fund for Children and Families / Taiwan (CCF / Taiwan). Received the National Social Welfare Prize from our government.


Our Branch Offices nationwide was officially registered as our branch offices at each respective local district court.


Changed the name to Taiwan Fund for Children and Families (TFCF).


Awarded with Sun Award, the highest reward of Presidential Culture Prize on the promotion of social welfare.


Mongolia Branch Office was registered as our first direct service program outside of Taiwan.


Received “2005 Excellent Prize of Foundation for Social Welfare and Charity”? from Ministry of the Interior. At the same year, we received “2006 Social Education Promotion Award” from Ministry of Education.


Received the 5th Taiwan Business Awards of the Best Social Contribution Award for NPO.


TFCF announced a toll-free hotline 0800-078585 for providing those poverty-stricken families with information inquiring and support in time.


Received “2008 Excellent Prize of Foundation for Social Welfare and Charity” and “The Award of Helping Typhoon Morakot Relief Work” from Ministry of the Interior. At the same year, we obtained “2009 Sustainable NGO Award” from Executive Yuan.

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