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  In 1990, the founding ceremony of World Alliance of Christian Children’s Funds was hosted in Taiwan by our organization, Chinese Children’s Fund (CCF/Taiwan), later changed to Taiwan Fund for Children and Families (TFCF). We were a member since then. At the annual meeting in November 2007, the name of the alliance was formally changed to ChildFund Alliance. This INGO is dedicated to empowering and enabling children in developing countries to break out the debilitating impacts of poverty. Until now, the total membership of ChildFund Alliance is 12. All member agencies offer acombined US $561 million in resources annually to children and families in 53 countries. Working side by side with ChildFund Alliance in expanding our assistances, we hope to reach out our helping hands to more needy children around the world.

Members of ChildFund Alliance

 ChildFund Australia

 Christian Children's Fund of Canada

 BRNEfonden, Denmark

 Un Enfant Par La Main, France

 ChildFund Deutschland

 ChildFund Ireland

 ChildFund Japan

 ChildFund Korea

 ChildFund New Zealand

 Barnfonden, Sweden

 Taiwan Fund for Children and Families

 ChildFund International, USA

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